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  1. Something a bud e-mailed me.
  2. Please Read!
  3. Obama speech to students sparks new controversy
  4. Obama to Congress: Stop 'Bickering' and Pass Health Care Reform
  5. Insurance Executive makes 100,000 an hour
  6. Rumors influencing health care debate
  7. Poll: Only 9% think Obama will change country for the worst
  8. Limbaugh: We need segregated buses
  9. Presidential quiz?
  10. If You Fish We Need You
  11. Global Warming...., Climategate.
  12. Healthcare loophole?
  13. Debunking Canadian health care myths
  14. Is the Healthcare Bill unconstitutional?
  15. Food Stamp Facts
  16. Canadian Healthcare Myths
  17. Satan responds to Pat Robertson's comments
  18. Pelosi: 'I don't see the votes' for Sen. health bill
  19. Largest US health insurer’s profits rise 30 percent
  20. State of the Union address.. What did you think
  21. Hacked GOP site infects visitors with malware
  22. Senate Begins Debate on Bernanke Confirmation as Fed Chairman
  23. borrowing more money
  24. 2004 Article "The Republican Spending Explosion"
  25. the missionaries in Haiti and those kids
  26. UNdocumented immigrants
  27. Do you know what this is or where it came from?
  28. Have You Seen This?
  29. Judging Stimulus by Job Data Reveals Success
  30. The Stack Manifesto (Austin Tax Terrorist)
  31. What's your take on this: Credit Card Stuff
  32. The best way to spend an economic stimulus check
  33. Anti-gay state senator arrested for a DUI leaving a gay bar, what a surprise....
  34. Coffee Party Movement
  35. Dodd set for finance reform bill push
  36. Why Are We Afraid to Tax the Super-Rich?
  37. You Can't Be That Stupid - What you pay in taxes every year
  38. new texas text books
  39. 45,000 American deaths associated with lack of insurance
  40. What's in the Healthcare Bill?
  41. Want to know where the Recovery Act funds are really going?
  42. Health reform will reduce the deficit - No Gimmick
  43. Right-wing media falsely claim that health care reform will increase premiums
  44. Obama interview on FOX
  45. Obama Signs Jobs Bill
  46. CBO's Deficit-Busting Report a Boon to Democrats
  47. i may have found Dans music video
  48. Factbox: Details of final healthcare bill
  49. Healthcare Reform Passed
  50. Healthcare Debate in 10 minutes
  51. Top 10 facts to know about health care reform
  52. McCain vows Republicans will repeal Health bill
  53. Hitler Discovers Republicans Have No Ideas
  54. Top 10 Obama Campaign Promises
  55. socialism???
  56. 40 reasons to ban guns
  57. Dangerous Rhetoric: If you see a Subaru with an Obama bumper sticker, stop the driver
  58. Property owner's rights
  59. Cain proposes bill that would allow indefinite detention w/o trial inc. US citizens
  60. Greece downgraded as Europe's debt crisis worsens
  61. we speak ENGLISH
  62. Arizona immigrant law animates Hispanics, Democrats
  63. mexican students knock us flag to ground
  64. Arizona making a law against ANCHOR babies
  65. Take our jobs
  66. Media in Elections
  67. Right is Wrong - Cato Institute Commentary
  68. Obama: Grateful For GOP Senators On Financial Bill
  69. Obama signs sweeping financial overhaul into law
  70. Beware of Pet Stores
  71. We're Loosing Middle Class America
  72. The Illegals Are Leaving Arizona
  73. 80K Classified Afghanistan War Documents leaked
  74. Judge blocks parts of Arizona immigration law
  75. BEST music video out there right now
  76. The Changing Face of Texas
  77. Arizona preparing appeal of immigration ruling
  78. Dumb Americans
  79. obama approves
  80. I guess it's a current affair, I'm coming out of the closet
  81. Wikileaks vs Censorship RAP
  82. some good reading for Dan
  83. george w. bush's greatest hits
  84. Stand Up!
  85. Senate to confirm Kagan as high court justice
  86. Growing Number of Prosecutions for Videotaping the Police
  87. Republicans want review of birthright citizenship
  88. Michelle Obama Parties in Spain while America suffers
  89. Bush, Bush, and Reagon spent more time on vacation than Obama
  90. Are you required to carry ID in the US or TX?
  91. Financial Aid!!!!!
  92. Food Stamp recipients now get free cell phones
  93. Illegal Immigration issue has racist roots.. PROOF
  94. How big of a problem is birthright citizenship really?
  95. A Boom at the border - Forbes Magazine
  96. Politifact Truth-o-meter
  97. Palin Says Democrats do not have a plan for extending the Bush tax cuts
  98. Article on Immigration reform
  99. Obama signs emergency bill to halt teacher layoffs
  100. Iran is building mass graves for US Troops. WTF?
  101. Ben Quayle for Congress Commercial
  102. Obama, Republicans, and Polls - Bad numbers all around
  103. ID surge for immigrants
  104. Pentagon denies WikiLeaks talks about documents
  105. FoX News Terrorsist ties
  106. Obama: GOP should let small business bill through
  107. Obama picture looks TRUE to me
  108. a video for Dan and him thinking ILLEGAL immigration is fine
  109. Watch Nat Geo channel- Border Wars
  110. Streets of Speed - Patrolling or Hiding by Motorcycle Cops?
  111. $111 MILLION in stimluous money for 56 jobs????
  112. Rural Tennessee fire sparks conservative ideological debate
  113. Libertarianism in One Lesson (humor)
  114. The finance records Perry is hiding
  115. Christine O’Donnell gets laughed at.. lolz
  116. The Democrat Gimme State
  117. GOP candidate Stephen Broden says violent overthrow of government is 'on the table'
  118. Don't forget to vote today!
  119. Just how big was the Rally to restore sanity?
  120. Small Business Act filibustered for GOP political gain
  121. Think you don't need filibuster reform? Think again.
  122. 2010 Mid-term Election results
  123. Ballot Measures Prop 19 California results breakdown
  124. FINALLY CALI does something right to curb welfare misuse of funds
  125. Backpack too racy for elementary school
  126. In memoir, Bush defends waterboarding, admits mistakes
  127. Rand Paul Suggests He'll Fight For Earmarks He Earlier Promised To Ban
  128. Were the Bush tax cuts good for the economy?
  129. Texas priest accused of trying to hire hit man
  130. Obamacare - The Disaster
  131. What would you do with 10 Million Dollars?
  132. I want one!!!!
  133. Vote for this guy or you are a Commy.
  134. 23 Seals Clubbed to Death in New Zealand
  135. What do you think about this?
  136. Unemployment extension 2010 has President Obama coming to the rescue
  137. Assange captured for "Sex by Suprise"????
  138. Employers are watching you
  139. Christmas Bonus?
  140. Bill Clinton back in the Whitehouse
  141. Study confirms that watching Fox news makes you stupid
  142. Gunman at schoolboard in Panama City, Florida
  143. Tax Cut Package - Good or Bad?
  144. Don't Ask, Don't Tell Opponents Taking Revenge On Russian Arms Treaty
  145. A ban on Web porn in Britain?
  146. 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' repeal headed to Pres. Obama's desk
  147. Is Lindsey Graham gay?
  148. Net Neutrality: The Time Is Now
  149. Two California
  150. Obama's Priorities
  151. Unfair Taxes - How I Hate You
  152. Where are the jobs?
  153. Top Ten Ways the Right Will Wreck the Recovery
  154. wet foot/dry foot ???
  155. who believes this is a true statement ?
  156. More Jobs?
  157. another analogy for taxes
  158. As National Debt Tops $14 Trillion, What's Your Share?
  159. What they wont tell you about the national debt
  160. Debt Ceiling.. what's this all about?
  161. House GOP Does the Inevitable: Backtracks on Pledge to Cut $100 Billion this Year
  162. GOP Pledge to America
  163. Exhausted Texas Sheriffs Say No to Arizona-Style Immigration Law
  164. Cutting spending discussion
  165. House Speaker Boehner Says Repealing Health-Care Won't Increase Deficit
  166. Business Background Defines Chief of Staff
  167. Palin had her in the 'crosshairs'
  168. Right-Wingers Rush to Label Arizona Shooting Suspect a Liberal
  169. Tom Delay sentenced to 3 years
  170. The communist manifesto moved from another thread
  171. Statistics Can Lie
  172. Will he unify?
  173. Investigators probe Loughner's gun purchase, examine finances
  174. Palin Calls Criticism ‘Blood Libel’
  175. Hey, let's play a game...
  176. End of Days in May? Christian group spreads word
  177. Will Obama face a different crowd at State of the Union?
  178. Rep. Giffords’ Shooting Prompts GOP Resignations in Arizona
  179. Kentucky Lawmaker: Drug Testing Welfare Recipients Would Save 'Millions And Millions'
  180. The New Chinese Top Gun?
  181. Supreme Court: Westboro funeral picketers allowed
  182. Any changes ?
  183. Florida governor signs welfare drug-screen measure
  184. Mass Exodus
  185. F1 Austin Create 3min of your time to send an email right now
  186. Austin's F1 Track Approved by City Council
  187. Best political add ever!!!!
  188. MSN: 'Dismal' prospects: 1 in 2 Americans are now poor or low income
  189. Academy Sports + Outdoors obstructs justice!
  190. Stephen Colbert Wonders If Marijuana Initiatives Will Drive Democrats to the Polls Th
  191. Do you think Zimmerman is guilty?