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    Default Ridesmart MSR Houston Roll Call 05.19.12

    RideSmart Track Event
    May 19, 2012
    MSR Houston, Angleton, TX

    $120 Regular Price*

    RideSmart is pleased to announce that we are returning to MSR Houston. As always, it is a pleasure having you along for company. Please feel free to to contact us if you have any questions. Please join us for a great day of riding from the best motorcycle school in Texas.

    Details regarding this event is as follows:


    About the Registration Process

    05.19.12 Registration

    Advanced Rider Course WILL NOT be available

    Ridesmart Level Requirements


    Rules for MSRH

    • At no time, should any participant or spectator open or attempt to open member garages.
    • No alcohol is allowed on facility premises at any time.
    • No smoking in the paddock.
    • Paddock and hot pit speed limits are 15 mph.
    • We will offer free camping/drop off Friday night.
    • When waiting in line for the gate to open at 6 am, all vehicles must be in single file on the right side of the road ONLY!! Absolutely no vehicles for any reason are allowed to be to the left of this single file group. Just before 6 am, the MSRH gate employee will drive to the left of those waiting in line. Do not block the gate person from getting to the front of the line to open the gate.
    • Once you enter the facility, move down to the covered paddock area, unload your truck and trailer and then park your vehicle in the parking area. We will have paddock helpers to direct you to the proper parking areas. Please see Paddock Map.
    • All safety lanes and garages (15 foot setback) are to remain clear and easily accessible. We will have designated parking for all cars and truck and trailers.
    • Before you park your vehicle for the day, be certain that you know where the fire lane is and be sure to park your vehicle so as to not enter into the fire lane. If you are not absolutely certain as to where or what a fire lane is, please find our pit marshal and he will and he will help you.
    • Sorry, no parade laps or two up riding.
    • No unlicensed drivers are allowed on motorized vehicles.
    • Motorized vehicles are restricted to paddock roads and track only. Please, do not leave the paddock area and spectator area. We need to respect the privacy of MSR Houston members that live on the facility. We ask that you do not attempt to explore other parts of the facility. We are renting the paddock area, spectator area and track only.
    • Motor sports is dangerous. The paddock area can be dangerous. The paddock serves as an outside workstation or garage for all race teams. Bikes will be moving through the paddock area to get to and from the hot pit area. Everyone must be cautious and aware of their surroundings. Pay attention to the paddock marshals.
    • All children under the age of 16 must be in constant supervision by the parent(s) w/o exception. The paddock area is not a playground for children. Unless you can provide 100% supervision of your children, please do not bring them to the event. Children are not allowed to go up to the viewing bleachers unattended.
    • Only riders with approved decals will be allowed on the track.
    • No minors, under the age of 18, are allowed in hot areas (including, but not limited to, hot pit and track).
    • Please, all participants and spectators will be off the premises one hour after completion of the final session.
    • Between 16 and 19 need minor release form and parental consent form.
    • No wheelies anywhere on the facility: paddock, hot pit lane the track etc.

    RideSmart Motorcycle School Staff
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    I'll be there, Taking a buddy as well!
    If you can't keep up, don't step up.....

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