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    Default New Project!! VS800 BUDGET BUILD *ALL EARS*

    Let me start by saying i had a project cb550 caferacer same time last yr, but i was to anxious and purchased a bike with a seized motor as im sure most of ya'll know can be a huge problem so i sold the bike off as a parts bike. SO here i am again square one i just bought a 2000 VS800 frame with title for 25 dollars i figured i would make a bobber since im on a low budget build but man im in love with that cafe racer style.I guess what im asking is; would it be possible to streetfighter/cafe racer this project? IM ALL EARS

    i will be keeping records of this build as of pics, parts and updates.. so please anyone ever heard of something of this nature being done? also if you know of any parts that could be helpful in anyway let me know.. thanks
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