American Honda has announced the arrival of the CBR300R into its 2015 model lineup. The 300, based off the entry-level CBR250R, was first revealed by Big Red late last year when it was confirmed for the European and other international markets. As expected, the 300 now makes its entry into the American marketplace. The 2015 CBR300R will be available in August and retail for $4399, with an ABS version for $4899.

The namesake feature of the CBR300 is its 37cc increase in displacement over the 249cc CBR250R. The now 286cc engine remains a liquid-cooled Single, with the entire displacement bumped achieved via an 8mm longer stroke (76mm). The changes are similar to the CBRís obvious rival, Kawasakiís Ninja 300, which upped displacement 47cc from its Ninja 250 spec by stroking out its Parallel Twin.

Further changes to the CBR300R compared to its 250 sibling are revised styling to better ape its bigger CBR kin. The 300 exhaust is different and the bike utilizes a dual headlamp. The 300ís engine also gets a heavier counterbalancer to quell the Singleís vibrations.

Pricing is a nominal $200 increase from the CBR250. Of more importance is how the CBR300 pricing fares against its natural rival, where its $4399 base MSRP undercuts the equivalent Ninja spec by $600. In ABS trim the $4899 CBR retails for $400 less than its rival.

Expect a first ride report from MotoUSA, and side-by-side comparison review (to follow up MotoUSA's Honda CBR250R vs. Ninja 300) as soon as press units are available.