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    Default How about an Alerts / Praise Section

    How about an "Alert/Praise Section"

    I just noticed this was moved. Let me elaborate. and use Clubchoppers as an example

    LOL, I hadnt seen it. Sorry.
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    We have one already.

    [ame=""]Product / Services Reviews - Forums[/ame]

    Please read forum rules before posting a negative review of a sponsor, PM an admin first to get permission or your post may be removed. We're not saying we are going to side with the sponsor but we'd like to hear both sides of the issue and give the sponsor / vendor an opportunity to respond before they get slammed on a forum they pay to advertise on. Because many of our sponsors are not daily visitors it's always a good choice to attempt to make direct contact via telephone if your pm / post does not receive immediate response. Please let an admin know via PM if you are having trouble with a vendor. If we have repeated problems with a vendor that cannot be resolved they will be removed.

    See Section 5.4 of forum rules.

    5.4 Provide feedback regarding vendors or dealers, but do not gratuitously slam a vendor on the board. Prior to posting, please contact them directly if possible to work out issues, if you have an issue with a vendor please let an admin or moderator know so that we can help you sort it out.
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