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    Default A few pics from SMR 3-14-2011 (SPI Booty!)

    Now wouldn't it be funny if....

    I had my camera rolling while we were riding around on the island so I'll see if there is anything worth looking at on the video.

    We also went to an awesome private dirt track off of Bass that was hosting the Annual 'Supercross at The Grove Invitational'. I shot all of that video in HD and I'll be posting it in the dirt section. There were professional and amateur racers out there tearing it up at this awesome dirt track in the middle of an orange grove. The racing was 5 stars and it was pretty F'ing awesome. Stay tuned for these videos!

    The Grove Pics and Video are here
    [ame=""]A Race - 'The Grove' Invitational Harlingen TX 720P HD - Dirt Bikes, Mini's, ATV, Karts...[/ame]
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