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    Default Some info on ESG Kustoms

    As some of you know sinners and saints has been a sponsor on this forum for quite some time now and they do a great job of giving there customers a great price on accessories, after market and OEM, but I want people to know a little more about ESG Kustoms because up to today we hear our customers saying what a great job sinners and saints did on there bike or that sinners and saints builds great motorcycles. So now for a little intro, we have a combined experience of working on motorcycles and fabrication of 50+ years.Lets start with Chuck he's been working around motorcycles for quite some time now he worked at a few shops as well as yamaha, now he runs sinners and saints and is our service writer if you have any questions give him a call. Some of you may know Brian who was previously the service manager at yamaha dealership till they closed down and he was also an instructor at MMI in Arizona well needless to say the guy really knows his shit. Then there's Zeke my partner El super Guapo himself (theres a story about that but I'll get to that later). Zeke began working on bikes when he was 18 he's a graduate of MMI and a certified Harley tech and machinist he worked for the harley dealership and opened his first shop in penitas then we met up when we were doing contract work for a small shop and decided to open a shop in San Juan we were there for year and eventually moved to Mcallen to our location now. So now me my name is Joel I'm a certified machinist and fabricator. I started with my fabrication working on cars back in the day in my back yard with my old man and hangin out with uncles who were heavy into the hotrod and muscle car scene, I eventually made the move to motorcycles. I did contract work for local shops for a few years while I worked on my degree in manufacturing(degree in manufacturing is fancy for machinist). So as you can see ESG Kustoms is a well rounded out shop with skills in everything to be able to do what ever work someone might want, so if you all have any questions feel free to call and talk to any of us we would be happy to help.

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    ESGK i Need my 04 r6 forks to fit my 86 yamaha fz6 how much are we looking to get the parts machined ? If possible call or txt me with some info would be greatly appreciated! looking to get it done asap

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    You might want to call them, Joel and the guys there are good guys, Helped me out in tearing apart my motor and have to take it back (spark plug combusted in the head o.0)
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