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    Default Fastline @ GSS 07/17 Post Report

    I know we did not have any RGV riders out this time and we missed you! We had another great turn out and the standard Godsuki request for great weather was granted!

    Thanks to all the staff and vendors for enduring the heat and making the sold out event so awesome.

    We had two solo accidents in the afternoon sessions:
    Kevin, who took a bus ride, was released yesterday and is doing fine, sans the lump on his bucket.
    Shawn, who took a heli ride, is doing great. Nothing broken and all tests were negative, except the pregnancy test, which was positive, but he will be released today with only a concussion and enormous medical bills.

    Glad you're both ok!

    Finally, we had a great turn out for Parade Laps and here are a few pics courtesy of TriumphantDead:

    RGV transplant- Slyder
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    Nice pics.. thanks for the update Tim.

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