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    Default Why ride with ridesmart

    I am sure some of you would ask this question:

    Why should I choose RideSmart over another organization?

    It is a question we hope all of you ask before signing up. We firmly believe that informed customers are more aware of good service, and are better suited to tell if they are receiving exactly the service they paid for or not.

    There are many reasons for choosing RideSmart as your track organization.
    Here are some of them:

    We are a locally owned and operated company, based right here in the heart of Texas. Over 7 years of serving Texas riders has taught us many things about what it takes to be good at this business. We have a mission to bring quality rider education to all riders who want to learn.
    We have been here for a long time, and we are going to remain her for many years to come.
    We are doing this to help save lives through training and practice. We all know how tricky motorcycling in the streets can be. If we can help provide quality rider education at a price that anyone can afford, and if those skills help someone get out of a bad situation, then we have done our job.
    Over the many years we have operated this business we have learned quite a bit about what it takes to run a successful track day organization. It took many years of tweaking and evolution to get us to this point, where we do have a very large and loyal following of riders. To all of you, we say: THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT.
    We have many testimonials from attendees who volunteered to provide feedback about our school on their own. We aim to provide you with a superior track experience while teaching you riding skills.

    We are not here to get rich off this. Ask many track organization owners, and see if they drive a nice Bentley or a fast new sports car. We are here to help spread rider knowledge to all those who are interested. Skills you will learn in our school (while on track or in class), are fully transferable to the race track and the street.
    The curriculum has been built to allow a rider to progress through the different rider groups as their skills increase. Learning at one's own pace, while being observed by a skilled instructor, and provision of constructive feedback to help the learning process, are some of the many things you can expect at our events.
    With the help of famous riders like Ty Howard and Larry Myers, this school has some serious tools for any level of riding. From the every day street commuter to the aspiring road racer, we have everything you will need to hone your skills. Dirk and many other level 1 and 2 riders stand well above and beyond what you can/will get elsewhere.
    After one day with any of them will illustrate what we mean by quality education.

    Our pricing scheme is probably the best in the entire country. WHY? Simple. We are adamant about being able to provide rider education to as broad a spectrum of society as we can. Now, not only the well off people can attend track days and get skilled in the sport.
    Sure, we could charge as much as the next place. Why do we not do so? Teaching others to ride motorcycles properly and confidently is what we are here for, and if that means lesser margin of profit, we are OK with that.
    A saved life means much more to us than a couple hundred of dollars. Period.
    Sure, we could charge $180 or even $200 for a track event. Some would argue the difference is negligible. The last 8 track events in 2008, we had been able to charge only $100 per person. As an average track rider, one would then spend $500 on five track days. With other schools, same 5 events translate to $900 or event $1000. Now, being able to save $1000 in a riding season would mean a lot to me.
    Paying for a product twice the price does not automatically mean one will get twice the value. On the contrary, it is often the case that the much higher price means a track organization may be frequented less by many riders, thus passing the buck onto the customer.
    Adding all the other benefits of our school, and you have a tremendous disparity, not only in price, but in content and what you ultimately take home with you - knowledge.
    This is not about money. This is about saving lives, and if that means we do not make as much money, so be it.
    Please do not take our word for it. We welcome you to attend the more expensive schools to see what they provide you with in exchange. Then, come and attend our event. A fair comparison can then be made, and we are confident you will see the difference.

    In level one and two, you will work with an instructor on specific topics that are discussed in class prior to going out onto the track. At the track, you will have the opportunity to practice the theory presented while an instructor watches your moves and provides constant feedback. Want more attention? No problem. Just ask any of your level instructors (do not worry, you can easily identify an instructor by the vest he/she wears), and they will be more than glad to spend extra time with you.
    We routinely video many of our class students and show the footage during class on our big screen displays. Being able to see how a rider does on the track, and being able to see everything the rider does, provides an invaluable asset to the customers, accelerating the learning process dramatically.

    While we are serious about education for all riders, we do understand that one of the primary reasons you go to the track is to have fun. We structure our classes and riding so that you have plenty of time for just hanging out.
    Over the years we have adjusted the curriculum and are now at a point where we can say that each track day participant will still have a lot of time to just chill out and relax. Although we do have required track curriculum, we do understand that you paid your money for the event, and you are entitled to spend the money in any fashion you like. Our strong recommendation is that you attend all classes to maximize your value, however, since you are customer, you can do as you please. So far, everyone that has attended the classes had nothing but good things to say, and has increased their riding skills greatly.

    RideSmart events are not just for sport bike riders. We welcomed and have had great success working with any type of motorcycle out there. There are some guidelines we follow to admit motorcycles to the track, but we like to see all of you take advantage from this rider education.

    So if you are in the market for a track event, please do yourself a favor. Compare all the organizations you have a chance to attend. Price, content, locations, etc, all are factors in choosing who is best suited for your event.
    Then, make an informed choice about who you will give your hard earned money to. If it is RideSmart, we will be honored to have you with us, and will do everything possible to make your event a complete success.

    Until we meet at the track, ride safe - RideSmart.

    RideSmart Staff

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    Seems intresting been considering doing a track day (everyone makes it sound fun) Thanks for joining the forum
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    where can we get more info for obtaining the CMRA license?
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