The 2011 season schedule has been posted on the RideSmart web site.
Please CLICK HERE to get the most up to date and accurate schedule.

Dates are not enabled for registration yet, pending final event date(s) adjustment.
We hope to enable event registration in within the next few days.

One thing you will notice is that on the left side of the web site, after you click on the 2011 Season, you will be presented with links, to four different types of schedules at our school:

- Full RS Schedule of events (calendar view - you can see events in this view only until we enable registration)
- Full RS Schedule of events (List View)
- CMRA Race Licensing Course Schedule (for those looking to obtain a CMRA license)
- Advanced Riding Course Schedule (for those looking to further improve their advanced rider skills)

You will also have the horizontal event slider to access each date for registration.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at