RideSmart Track Event
October 30, 2011
MSR Houston - Angleton, TX

$140 Regular Price*

RideSmart is pleased to announce that we are returning to MSR Houston. As always, it is a pleasure having you along for company. Please feel free to to contact us if you have any questions. Please join us for a great day of riding.

Details regarding this event is as follows:



Rules for MSRH

  • - RideSmart will NOT have any parade laps at MSRH.
  • - No 2-up riding in any level will be allowed.
  • - Riders who bring guests to spectate for the event, are fully responsible for the said guests' actions.
  • - Those not riding are responsible for proper behavior while at the event.
  • - People who are not on the rider roster are only allowed in the spectator buildings area, or in the motorcycle paddocks. NO ONE is allowed on the go-cart tracks, or on any other area. Please observe this, since if you violate the rules, you will be ejected from the event.
  • - NO ONE is allowed to enter any garage premises. PERIOD.
  • - NO ONE is allowed to use electrical outlets other than the ones at the paddocks (where motorcycles are staged for the event).
  • - NO ONE is allowed to park their vehicles in the paddocks area. If you are a participant of the event, pull up to unload the motorcycle, AND THEN MOVE THE VEHICLE into the proper parking area. THIS APPLIES TO EVERYONE at this event.
  • - Spectator parking is at a different location (picture will be attached asap to clarify all parking)
  • - Excessive noise is NOT allowed. NO motorcycle work involving any engine runs AT ALL - AFTER 10:00PM. PLEASE HELP US conform to this rule.
  • - NO careless riding in any vehicle - bike, pit bike, motorcycle, etc. That means no wheelies or other play which could result in any injury.
  • - ONLY those over 16 can ride a motorized vehicle (pit bike, motorcycle).
  • - ALL participants and their guests are responsible for clean upkeep of their areas. This means any trash you make is the trash you pick up and clean by placing INTO trash containers. It is not enough to assume that after you put trash next to containers, will somehow get into the trash cans on its own.

Thank you for your support in making this a smooth process for everyone. If you have questions, please feel free to pm us.

RideSmart Motorcycle School Staff

1. Thomas