It's been an absolutely incredible ride with all of you folks this year. Although I've been around for some time with many of you, for the 1st season officially as Fastline, it's been very successful.

We have some great things in store for you in 2012. I won't give it all away yet, as I'm still waiting on a few confirmations, but I will confirm that I have 8 days booked at MSRH next year. Also, look for the MH BBQ Extravaganza, done only as Fastline can do it, coming in April, along with several other special events. We will also be changing the website and ditching Paypal. Of course what you're really interested in is that I will be lowering my prices from $175 to $150 for MSRH, TWS, & ECR.

So to say thank you for all that have supported us, and to close out a great year, I'm going to be giving away $250 in cash to several lucky Fastliners, along with several free trackdays for next season. I'll also be making a special lunch again, like the last one, with Brisket, sausage, and fixings. But I'll make much more this time!

Put this on your calendar, and get your last fix of the year in and close out an incredible season of friends and family!

Thank you for supporting us, and I'll see you on 12/4.