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    Default Ridesmart Thanks YOU for an Awesome 2011

    The year started out at MSRH in February and ended in December at MSRH. 10 months of riding that took us from Angleton to College Station to Cresson to Slidell and to Topeka. Oh, there was that little trip east to Birmingham. Every event was a huge success and most were sold out. With the heat wave that struck Texas this year that shows the commitment of our customer base.

    This year Dave Wonders added the 50% off for first time customers to RideSmart. For a small investment those who have an interest in riding the track can test the waters to see if it is for them. This discount was in addition to free boots and leathers to first timers that has been a staple of RideSmart for years. We are happy to report that this program added to the number track addicts. Sadly, we regret to inform you there is no known cure.

    There was new curriculum set up for level 1 and level 2. Each established to make all customers who attend a RideSmart event a better and safer rider. We will continue to add to the curriculum in 2012.

    We setup new rules to make each event safer. Since June there were only three transports to the hospital and only one was a result of serious a injury. RideSmart continues to dig deeper to try and help each rider stay in control and ride within their means. We believe we have tapped into something that hammers this point home.

    2011 was the first year of the Advanced Riders Course taught by Brandt Dillon. This program was a huge success with most of the classes conducted at maximum capacity. Every student who took this class left with a much better understanding of their ride, what they do right and areas they need to work on. There were so many repeat customers to ARC which speaks volumes to the success of the program.

    RideSmart added 25 new prov novs to the CMRA. Congrats to all those riders who took that huge step to racing.

    Those who attended the last two events at MSRH saw a change in how the day was run. We feel those events were so successful we are going to structure every event at all tracks the same way. We feel this will result in a smoother and more organized event.

    In summary, we listen to your feedback and we do everything we possibly can to make your experience with RideSmart as enjoyable as possible. Ridesmart thanks you for making 2011 one of our best years ever. We look forward to an even better 2012 with trips to all four Texas tracks on the schedule as well as Topeka, Barber and yes, 2 events to NOLA.


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    Thank You, I hda a good time at the Ridesmart event I went to earlier this year. It was damn hot but fun fun fun!

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